I created a tiny little bash file to setup a fresh baked Laravel 5 application.

What does it do?
  • Checks out the latest Laravel project from github
  • inits a new git repo
  • Instals the Composer dependencies
  • Instals the Gulp dependencies for Laravel Elixer
  • Generates a new key for security
  • Removes .git file from laravel
  • Commits the inital commit.
  • Sets the app namespaces.
  • runs phpunit gulp task to verify everything is working!
  • NodeJS
  • Git
  • Composer (globaly installed)

If you don't have those tools installed please install those first.


Its to easy just do setup_laravel Projectname to create a new project it will than create your new project into the folder what you called your project in my case it will be Projectname

Setting up your bash

To have a nice and clean console command like setup_laravel ProjectName we need to add this bash script to our bin folder. Here is a oneliner to paste into your terminal.

git clone https://gist.github.com/bd801ed6e3293eba1a7e.git setup_laravel && mv setup_laravel/setup_laravel.sh /usr/local/bin/setup_laravel && chmod a=r+w+x /usr/local/bin/setup_laravel && rm -rf setup_laravel  

Link to gist: https://gist.github.com/johnhout/bd801ed6e3293eba1a7e

Good luck using the file!

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