My development set-up

So since it's hot to share your dev environment I'am going to sumup what I use.

The hardware

I'am doing all my magic on my macbook pro with retina display. with an Rain design stand magic mouse and keyboard.

PHPstorm awesomeness

The software I use everyday is PHPstorm 8 the most awesome tool I have ever used for my development I have used Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Sublime and even Coda but I just love how good PHPstorm 8 is, especially now with the Gulp and blade support.


For all the magic Teminal stuff i use iTerm 2 together with oh-my-zsh togerher they make an very powerfull tool that makes working with the terminal a charm. Also since really hate VI i use textmate as my terminal editor, it looks great and supports alot! no realy alot! of languages.

Local server

Well this is a hard one i actually always used homestead with vagrant however since the company I work for Just installs all the local environments localy I am tempted to switch my local dev server to install just a lamp on my macbook since I than can write bash scripts etc.. for both my peronal env as wel as my Work setup.

Documenting / Writing

I use pages from the mac app store it's free and it works good! I also use Evernote to keep my ideas organized. Mailbox for all the email traffic and trello to keep track of tasks I have for a personal project.


Currently I learn a lot of Laracasts. ±10 minutes per video with advanced topics like BDD and TDD but also simple nice idea's to Just viewing how you do stuff a little different. Just having a fresh look at some concepts and idea's can give you alot of insights.


For all my personal projects I use DigitalOcean a trully awesome hosting provider for (depending on your requirements offcource) just $5 a month with really good support, Awesome one click install apps like Gitlab, Ghost, Magento etc. I trully reccomend using DigitalOcean for your hosting. I also used Laravel Forge but since I am reading the ebook of I am now using a self build setup.


For these two things i use Transmit and Sequel pro. Both awesome programs that don't need alot of explanating, And exactly that is what make these programs truly powerfull!