Weekly packages & resources week 49

So this is the start of the packages i find during the week while creating awesome new projects! Here is the first edition all the packages will be for Laravel 5 packages or for (non specific framework).



The packages you can pull in thruh composer and start your magic.


Laravel Exceptions was created by, and is maintained by Graham Campbell, and provides pretty error pages for both development and production for Laravel 5. It utilises the Whoops package for the development error pages.
Github link


Laravel TestBench was created by, and is maintained by Graham Campbell, and provides some testing functionality for Laravel 5.0. It utilises PHPUnit, Mockery, and the Orchestral Testbench packages.
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BeatSwitch/lock (Dries Vints)

Lock differs from other Acl packages by trying to provide the most flexible way for working with multiple permission callers and storing permissions.

By working with Lock's Caller contract you can set permissions on multiple identities.

The Driver contract allows for an easy way to store permissions to a persistent or static storage system. A default static ArrayDriver ships with this package. Check out the list below for more drivers which have already been prepared for you. Or build your own by implementing the Driver contract.

You can set and check permissions for resources by manually passing along a resource's type and (optional) identifier or you can implement the Resource contract onto your objects so you can pass them along to lock more easily.
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Laravel Fixer was created by, and is maintained by Graham Campbell, and is a code style report builder for Laravel 5. It utilises the PHP Coding Standards Fixer package
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Codeception Laravel 5 module

This package provides a Laravel 5 module for Codeception. It is based on the Laravel 4 module by Davert that is currently included with Codeception.You can use this module as any other Codeception module, by adding 'Laravel5' to the enabled modules in your Codeception suite configurations.
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That sums it up for this week!