Awesome Packages update!

It has been a while! Sorry for that I was quite bussy with my work! Now I have some free time to write more articles! So lets start by an nice Package update!


Glide is a wonderfully easy on-demand image manipulation library written in PHP. It’s straightforward API is exposed via HTTP, similar to cloud image processing services like Imgix and Cloudinary. Glide leverages powerful libraries like Intervention Image (for image handling and manipulation) and Flysystem (for file system abstraction).

Using Glide in Laravel from Jonathan Reinink on Vimeo.


Simple, intuitive integration testing with PHPUnit. For the projects where you're less interested in fancy tools and discussions with the business, and more concerned with just ensuring that the dang thing works. :)

John: I tested this and it works awesomely and is realy super easy to use! however I wouldnt use it for your production just yet. Since its brand spanking new and there could still be a few hickups in the code. And since its a layer ontop of phpunit give it a little time but definatly check it out!

Laravel Dot Env Generator

A Laravel 5 command that generates a .env.gen file containing all environment variables defined in .env as well as any undefined variables that are being used throughout the project.

John: Awesome idea it helped me alot with the pain of keeping an eye and remembering all the places I might used the env() function also while working together it is awesome while not having the .env file in git it just populates your .env file and your ready to go!


This Laravel 5 package creates a backup of your application. The backup is a zipfile that contains all files in the directories you specify along with a dump of your database. The backup can be stored on any of the filesystems you have configured in Laravel 5.

Feeling paranoid about backups? No problem! You can backup your application to multiple filesystems at once.

John: This Package is just totaly awesome I always used this package of heybigname to create backups to S3, however since this didn't work yet I tried this package and it totaly ensures me that the maximum ammount of loss data is 24 hours! awesome! Plus backing up to multiple filesystems is just another big plus!


Easy i18n localization for Laravel, an useful tool to combine with Laravel localization classes.

John: This package saved me a few times when a client asked me: well John we see alot of trafic is international please make a multilang application now! It is again verry easy to implement! Plus never had an issue so far!


The number of migrations in any sized project can quickly become huge, and although they are ordered, having one big list can sometimes be annoying to navigate.

John: I stumbled upon a project wich had alot! of migrations and finding when and wich what migration

Laravel 5 Javascript Validation

Laravel Javascript Validation allows to reuse your Laravel Validation Rules, Messages, FormRequest and Validators to validate forms transparently in client side without need to write any Javascript code or use HTML Builder Class. You can validate forms automatically referencing it to your defined validations. The messages are loaded from your validators and translated according your Localization preferences.